My Mechanic

Ah, the trials and tribulations of having a car. Despite my father's long, complicated Saturday afternoon lectures on auto repair and maintenance, sad to say that till now, the inner workings of an automobile still went straight past my head. Beyond starting my engine and keeping my fingers crossed that it'll work, that was all I knew. Long ago, I'd accepted the fact that I'd never understand it at all.

Which was why I'd been spending my time at my mechanic's. However this time it wasn't about the car. The intricacies of auto repair would always remain a mystery to me but I was hell-bound and determined to find out what exactly made Rafe, my mechanic tick.

Since I'd moved to the city, Raphael Morelli had been one of my first acquaintances especially since I was a total himbo about cars. Not only had Rafe been eager to teach, he'd also been reasonable about the prices that he charged me - which left us both satisfied customers. Of course the fact that he closely resembled an Greek God hadn't exactly escaped my notice.

Not only was he an incredible mechanic who did wonders with my car, that tight body of his also played havoc with my hormones. For the hours that I spent there, Rafe Morelli did his best to ... well if it was any other man, I'd have thought it was a pretty good seduction routine. As he'd guessed pretty early on that I was gay, he accepted it and made no bones about the fact. So every three months, we spent a whole day trading innuendoes, barely-veiled come-ones and heated gazes. And ended shaking our hands over a proper fee.

Of course it all seemed like meaningless fun at that time, a lil flirting going on but I'd never seriously think about doing anything about it. There'd always been the safety net of his many workers around in the shop and the fact that we were both unavailable. At that time about a year ago, I was still handfasted to the lying two-bit Tom. And I'd been pretty sure that the hunky mechanic had been regularly dipping his wick in other more socially tolerated outlets so to speak - especially since there'd been another regular at the shop, a nubile, statuesque redhead called Sharon who managed to cling like a prickly vine to the man whenever possible.

Of course, that never kept me from having some pretty vivid fantasies about what I'd do if I could corner the dark, sexy mechanic in my backseat where I could finally peel off that stained white singlet and do a number on those perky male nipples. I honestly couldn't help it. Just look at the man. He was .. a walking orgasm.

But still it remained pretty much a fantasy since I was pretty much attached to Tom. So we remained as friends and even maintained a purely fraternal relationship away from the auto-repair shop. In that time, I grew to realize that the man wasn't merely placed on earth as a mere male sex object to drool over. The man had some unexpected brains, a great heart and a sneaky sense of humour that leapt up when you least expected it. Who knew behind that charming smile and those shiny muscles was a genuinely great guy with a brain? Of course I frequently wondered how a hetero honey like him had ended up paired with that blousy, undeserving tramp Sharon.

Although he didn't mention it, I knew at that time that Rafe had just about the same opinion of Tom. However I tried my best to maintain a platonic relationship with Rafe despite having plutonic dreams of tearing his 501s down and taking a bite out of that tight Italian ass. Heck, a few times I took a bite with his pants on.

Of course Tom, the sneak hadn't had such qualms since he was busy boffing his barely-out-of-school jailbait lover at that time. It felt wonderful to be able to plant one of my fists in his lying face, mangle that aristocratic nose and literally kick him and his brainless himbo out of my home. So in between car repairs, I got rid of one excess baggage / lover and found out later from my reliable sources that the oversexed, overendowed Sharon had also hit the road leaving poor Rafe alone.

It was two days ago when I finally came to two conclusions. One, I, Dr. Jake Michaels was single, lonely and maddeningly horny - and tired of availing myself of the services of Madame Thumb and her four concubines for the past six months. I needed a man. Fast.

Second, Rafe Morelli was hot, hard and more than man enough to scratch my itch if he'd wanted to. And there was an irresistible need to finally find out whether that obscene bulge in his pants could possibly live up to my X-rated fantasies.

Sure, from all I'd seen of him, he seemed 100% hetero and unlikely to swing my way but who knows these days. Pump it the right way and any man would give it up - or so any gay porn story would say. And anyway, my mind was clouded with testosterone and sex. Hard to change my mind when I could already picture the sizeable Morelli salami for dessert. As the old adage says, no risk no gain and definitely no dessert.

So it was that I'd taken the weekend off and somehow had my car sent down for a... whatever they did.. check-up? I'd made sure that I'd be the last customer and it was pretty late when Rafe came over to check me out. My car! Check my car out. All his other workers had left the building leaving us both alone. And the music of an Italian aria playing from his office.

Seeing me standing by my car, Rafe flashed a quick smile and strode over. Picking up a stray handkerchief from his toolbox, he used it to wipe the sweat off his forehead. "Hey, sorry, man. Had a whole truckload of customers."

"Don't worry about it, Rafe." Taking his hand, I shook it. Amazing hands, strong and shapely despite the hard work he'd been doing.

If it was possible, he was looking even better than in my dreams. Dressed in coveralls and evidently nothing else, it showed off his tanned, well-muscled physique to perfection. Judging by my knowledge of the male anatomy, Rafe's was a winner. His chest was perfect, the tight pecs molded into hard rises of flesh. His dark nipples stood at attention, brown agaist the tanned background of his body. On the hard curve of his left bicep, the dark etching of a tattoo from his stint in the Marines showed through the grime and sweat on his powerful arms.

His face itself was a winner. Sleepy bedroom eyes peeked out from underneath a shock of glossy, thick black hair. Thick, sensuous lips lay beneath a straight, aquiline nose and a five-o-clock shadow dusted his firm jaw.

"So what's wrong with the car today, Doc? Must be pretty recent. You didn't tell me about it at the game a week ago."

Already anticipating that particular question, it still threw me when he asked that, making me fumble for an answer. Barely a week ago, we'd gone for a football game together and my car had been purring like a kitten. What could have gone wrong? "Uhh.. I don't know.. it just.."

Tilting his head, Rafe started giving me several options. Gearbox. Pistons. Engine. Bla Bla Bla. All I could think of was those incredible, sensuous lips. And the voice that could make even the most boring subject - well, to me at least - sound like something worth listening to. His voice was ilke chocolate, deep, rich and hinting at so much pleasure. Yum.

"Christ, you're not listening to me, are you?" Thankfully he didn't catch me checking out his spectacular pecs as the man just chuckled and shook his head. "I'll take a look."

When he bent over the hood and looked at some whatcamamacallit, his clothes wrapped tight around his amazing glutes and I had to restrain an urge to bite. Shoving my hands into my pockets to keep from grabbing, I leaned back a little. "I heard you and Sharon broke up."

His voice rumbled out from beneath the hood. "Yeah, pretty much."

"What happened?" I tried to inject as much sympathy as I could but I failed. Sharon was a bitch anyway.

"Some disagreements.. that kinda thing. She wasn't my type anyway." The man shrugged and a whole bunch of muscles in his strong back rippled. God, would it be really bad if I jumped him right now?

"That is sad."

Tossing me a quick grin from beneath the hood, he shook his head. "Don't lie, Doc. I know you hated her."

Surprised that he'd noted that, I just shrugged. After all, I hadn't kept the fact a state secret. "Well, it is still sad. You must be lonely."

"Not much of a problem." Slowly, he maneuvered his way out of the hood and stood there grinning for a moment. "Why you suddenly so interested? You want to fill her post?"

It was like our old banter but we had certainly never done it without anyone around before. But it pleased me nonetheless and I took a step forward as a challenge. "Is that an offer, Morelli?"

My words obviously didn't scare the man and he stood still with his arms crossed over his chest. "What would you do if it is?"

"Well, I have the whole evening free, the place is empty. Let's find a place for you to fuck my brains out." There it was. Finally said it. It was the first time I'd said anything that straightforward with no hidden innuendoes, just flat-out asked him for sex. And I'd certainly never used such language in front of him before.

The shock on his face was something to behold, all slack-jawed and stunned. It took more than a moment for Mr Suave to regain his composure. "W-what?"

"I've decided to take you up on all those offers you've made, Morelli. If you were just kidding before, say it now. I am hard, horny and I need a man." Of course, I fully realized that I was risking getting beaten to a pulp by a man bigger than me with the biceps the size of my thighs but I was just too damned needy. And in need of a quick roll in the hay. In the backseat. Wherever.

"You're serious."

I nodded. "Dead serious."

"Okay." He stood there looking as if I'd pimp-slapped him. His usually tanned face looked drained of blood and his dark eyes were dilated in shock.

His reaction wasn't exactly what I'd expected. Well, Rafe Morelli was obviously one of those rare totally straight men and I'd admit to a slight pang in my heart .. and in other places.

"Don't worry about the car, Morelli. Nothing's wrong with it. It's just a ploy to get you down and dirty." Giving him a quick pat on the back, I turned and was about to leave when he stopped me.

He caught my arm and I could swear there was a tingle. "Wait, Doc."

Frustration was obviously written all over my features and I couldn't wait to go home. At least I still had faithful Madame Thumb and my dark fantasies. Just the thought of Morelli's tight butt could get me going. "What?"

"Don't leave." Seeing the surprise on my face, he took a deep, fortifying breath. "Look, I won't say I'm not intrigued."

A pity fuck certainly wasn't what I was looking for and I frowned. "If you're not putting out, don't lie to save my face."

"I'm not." Shuffling a bit, he looked almost shy for a moment and I could swear his ears were burning. "Look, it's just.. how do I put this.. I.."

"Spit it out, Morelli," I said loudly.

"Shit." Raking his hand through his dark hair in frustration, Rafe spat out. "Gimme a break. I've never done it with a man before."

It was my turn to be surprised. Evidently, my weekly dose of gay porn stories had given me an idea that Marines did kiss. "You're serious."

His lips quirked. "Dead serious."

"Okay." It took a moment to digest the information. "You've never.. ever thought or done anything with a man before. Not even a circle jerk with the buds?"

"Never. I know what you're thinking about. The Marines. I'm sure there was some opportunities if I'd considered it but I never did anything." Seeing the disappointment in my face, Rafe hastened to reassure me. "Not that I haven't had... some fantasies."

My brows flew up. "Fantasies."

His confidence returned and his smile turned wicked. "Yeah, fantasies. Wild, hot ones. Interested, Doc?"

"Definitely. Am I in it?"


"How was I?"

Leaning forward, he pressed me back against the garage wall, his dark eyes flashing. "Very, very good. Very vigorous."

I chuckled. "I'll try to live up to your expectations."

"You'd damned well better." With that as an intro, he leaned forward. For a moment, fear and a tinge of nerves flashed across that handsome face but then it faded away and I was being thrust into one of the most amazing kisses ever known to man. Backing me up against the wall, he gave me what other men would term a kiss but I'd call, a lightning strike to the senses. If that was his first kiss with a man, he needn't practise anymore. It was a hell of a kiss. Lips. Tongue. Hands. Everything Morelli had went to work on that kiss.

Of course, I never let an opportunity go to waste and my hands were soon roaming over the vast, uncharted terrain of Morelliland. So hard. So male.

Without changing position, we moved farther inwards and he absently flipped the switch to close the garage door. The crunch of the garage door as it came rolling down gave me a slap of reality.

Though loath to release my hold on over 200 pounds of hard, solid male, I reluctantly pushed him away. He looked back at me in surprise, his dark eyes already hot. From the heat burning into my thigh, it was evident that other parts of him were more than ready too. And that my fantasies about his size just might be true. It would take but a moment to leap down and devour the Morelli salami.

I took a deep breath. Though it was good, oh so very good, it certainly wasn't what I had planned. The man stood waiting in front of me, hard, sweaty and breathless. It was all I could do to step away when I wanted to throw the man down for an awesome buttfuck. "Wait, Morelli. Let's go back to my place."

The logic somehow burnt itself into his brains and he nodded blindly in agreement. As I moved away, he grabbed me by the lapels and pulled me back. "Wait. Your backseat. It's nearer."

"But.." I was faced with two options. Back home twenty minutes away where I'd laid out dinner and satin sheets. Morelli's incredible dick waiting for my attention right now. "You're right."

Throwing my scruples to the wind, I reached to grab him again but he pulled away this time. He faced me with a rueful grin. "Damn, I didn't realize. I didn't... I don't have any..."

It took one look on his face to realize what he meant. "Don't worry, I came well prepared."

Blithely, I gestured to my backseat and he laughed. "God, you sure have some high expectations, Doc. You sure we'll finish that?"

"Don't disappoint me, Marine."

Glancing at the box of condoms in my backseat, he turned back and flashed a grin. "I'll try my best, sir!"

Sweating and fighting for air, we'd finally reached his office desk. The one we'd picked out together some month ago. At that time I didn't realize I'd be doing the dirty with Morelli on its antique surface.

Gloriously naked, Rafe was spread over his faithful oak desk, his bills and receipts swept to one precarious corner. We'd progressed from the backseat of my car to the front of my car to his car to finally the privacy of his office. On the way, we'd probably broken a few laws in some states and probably a few rules of the human body. One thing for sure, the man was damned agile. And very flexible.

Lifting his head, he grinned at me. Sweat dripped from his black hair and he practically glowed. "I still have the kitchenette in the back. Always had some ideas for the sink."

Tracing the etchings on his tight six-pack, I raised a doubtful eyebrow. "You sure your motor's still running, Morelli?"

His smile turned wicked again. "Wanna go for another ride to find out?"

Part of me was raring to go, already picturing us leaving our mark on the hapless kitchen sink for eternity. But part of me wanted more. It was the damnedest time for my domestic side to arise but I came to realize that I wasn't a one-night-stand kinda guy. And this was obviously turning out to be just that.

Somewhere along our progress from the garage to his office, I'd had a flash of us doing the exact same thing ten years down the line. Bastard Tom had called it my domestic side - my obsessive need for home, hearth and obviously, a husband - and the name had stuck, in my mind at least. The greatest mind-blowing sex I've ever had and I had to complicate matters. Who knew that I could fall so easily for Rafe Morelli? Or that I'd probably been in love with the man all the while.

Sighing, I pulled away and sat up. "Look, Morelli, I can't do this."

Turning over to rest on his elbow, he raised a dark brow in amusement. "Well, I certainly didn't mean we do it now. We can take a breather first. Some dinner to recharge. That kinda thing."

Never thinking that he'd miscontrue my words that way, I laughed. "That's not what I meant. I'm talking about all this."

Those dark eyes flared again. "The wild, incredibly hot sex."

God, the man had a way of saying it that made me want to throw away my compulsions and just indulge in plain sex. But I knew that Rafe Morelli was a man who could slowly grow into an addiction and I didn't need to fall for a straight man out playing the other side of the field for the day.

"That's exactly what I mean."

"Ouch." Sitting up on his elbows, the man winced a little. "It wasn't good for you?"

The surprise and disappointment in his voice was evident and I just had to smile. "You know how good you were, Morelli and I'm not gonna say it again."

Letting out a sigh of relief, he grinned. "So what is it then?"

"It's my domestic side."

Leaning back, he stared at me, comprehension dawning. "Your domestic side."

"Yes." I'd told him about it some time ago when we'd talked about my break-up with Tom. Then he'd laughed and teased me mercilessly about it and my search for Mr Right. What did he think about it now?

Sighing, he ran his hands through his black hair in his usual manner and patiently sat up. If only his workers could see him right now sitting on his desk, totally naked and looking meltingly gorgeous. Taking a moment to compose himself, he finally looked at me, his dark eyes boring into mine. "You're right. We need to talk."

I knew what he was going to say and I just didn't want to hear that now. "Look, I know you're not gay."

"I'm not saying that." Then, his lips lifted in a half smile. "And my dick certainly doesn't agree."

Shaking my head, I slid off my perch on the table. The closeness of Morelli's naked body was just too distracting. "One night with a man doesn't turn someone gay, Rafe."

"Stop running." Yet again, he caught me, his big hand coming to rest on my shoulder. "Look, I know you, Doc, and I know what you want. I can't say that I love you. Tonight came as a surprise to me and I don't think my brain has caught up with my body just as yet."

Moving back, I shook his explanations off. Sweat dripped down the front of his body, running down the valley between his hard pecs and I had to restrain an urge to leap and devour. Bite on those dark, erect nipples crowning his pecs. "You don't have to explain. I started this and I-"

The man was strong and I had to give him that. Pulling me by the hand, he tugged me into arms reach. "I do have to explain. I don't know where we're going with this and I can't guarantee that I will ever love you. But I do know that I care for you, Doc."

His dark eyes turned soft and pleading. "Give me time, Doc."

As I buttoned up my shirt, I saw the light up in his office and sighed. In all that time, I realized that he'd never called me by my real name. Does he know it at all? Doc. It could have been any other man. Like calling a woman Babe, Honey or Sweetheart. Great endearments but interchangeable at times.

I certainly couldn't risk giving him the time he'd asked for. In one night, he'd knocked me off my feet. In a week, a month, I'd probably be a slave at his feet. No, the man was way too addictive. And I couldn't risk putting my heart on the line for a man who could turn out to be hetero in the end.

Shaking my head, I picked up my socks and pulled them on. True enough, Rafe Morelli never promised me anything and at least he was man enough to admit it. At least I'd fallen for an honest man this time.

A man who needed time.

Picking up my other belongings, I turned to leave when I realized I'd left something important behind. I went back and saw Morelli resting on his chair, his dark eyes closed. Boring textbook sketches were one thing but if Morelli had offered to model, I'd have done even better in anatomy. Naked in repose, his hard, muscular physique was laid out, the perfect man at rest.

Sensing me, he sat up and slowly opened his eyes. "Did you leave something?"

"Yeah. You."

He smiled. "Really, Jake?"

"I have some time." It was the first time he'd called me by my real name and I smiled. Perhaps there was hope. "I heard some story of a kitchenette somewhere in the back."

His smile grew wider.