Book Shelves

Sherlock Holmes
An intrepid teenage gumshoe finds a mystery dropped right on his lap. Literally.

Bonnie Prince Charlie
Prince Charlie knocks on a tower door hoping to rescue a princess but finds one decidedly not in need of a hero. And terribly masculine besides.

Practical Magic
What happens when a werewolf finds out that huffing and puffing down a witch's door simply doesn't work?

My Marine
Being rescued by a Navy SEAL certainly isn't all it's cracked out to be as our hero finds himself dragged unwillingly by a six foot soldier across the hostile Afghanistan borders...

Best Friend
A gay man realizes there is much more to his best friend than he ever knew...

My Dearest Enemy
Nothing cuts quite as deep as a best friend's betrayal. So what happens when a man's past comes knocking on the door?

The New Year
It was the beginning of a new year, the Chinese Lunar New Year and John Sung finds out that having a large family can have its special advantages...

Sweet like Chocolate
After an interesting change of heart, an old best friend decides to pay a visit with an intriguing proposition...

Manhattan Men
Living a blissful yet ordered life in Manhattan, Michael Wu finds his life turned upside down when his parents come knocking on his door - looking for his nonexistent husband...

I Shot the Sheriff
In a small lil town in the middle of nowhere, an amateur sleuth finds himself getting into more trouble than he's worth when the local Sheriff gets wind of his unlawful activities...

Dating Mr Perfect
Wishes can come true sometimes. But sometimes dating the perfect man can be literally hell..

My Mechanic
Ever had car troubles? Jake finds himself saddled with just such a problem not knowing that a car service could be just the remedy for his troubles.

Navy Blues
Thane finds himself needing more than a furtive love affair.

Meeting Mr Darcy
What happens when a one-night-stand turns out to be something more? A disbelieving Doc finds himself falling into the pages of a Jane Austen novel to find a Darcy of his own.