My Marine

"Fuck you!"

Of course as usual that was my fondest wish come true but I certainly hadn't imagined it happening this way. Being crushed against the cabin floor by a hard, sweaty Playgirl fantasy come true with wild passion in his blue eyes, his muscular, hairy arms trapping mine above my head while he ravaged me - it sounded incredible last night while I lay hidden in a desert tent wet and dreaming but the reality couldn't have been more different. Sure, the man was hot as hell, hard as steel and rank with musky man-sweat but he obviously didn't have any plans to fuck me hard on the desert floor. More's the pity since I certainly wouldn't have resisted if he had had any such ideas.

But with my luck, this particular stud was more likely to flatten me for running away from him for the second time in the past two days. It was just my luck to finally get a gorgeous Marine with the body of a god and the face of an angel, a living, breathing Ken doll with muscles to boot - and to have him wanting to tear my head off. Could God tempt me any more?

But a pretty face didn't mean that would make me anymore amenable to his wishes. Initially when he'd come into the make-shift infirmary in Kandahar, he'd been all shiny smiles, aw-shucks-how-ya-doin and general good will. Oozing charm - and a more than healthy dose of testosteroney sex appeal, he could get anyone to agree to anything. Except insane contrary little me. Just because Marine Ken flashed that winsome smile at me and made his orders sound like a favour didn't mean I had to follow them. "Let me up!" I yelled at him. Yelled needlessly, I thought to myself as I seriously doubted that he would listen since I'd deliberately done the opposite of everything he'd said since we met. But I reminded myself that it was all for a good cause.

Lieutenant Commander Michael Muldoon was no idiot and he stared back coolly. The earlier rage that had fueled him as he'd torn down the door seemed to have left him and he replied calmly. "And have you knee me in the balls again, Doc? Not fucking likely."

Like I had any other recourse earlier. After all, the man stood at least 6 inches taller than my own 5'8" and he outweighed me by at least 50 pounds. All of it hard, testosterone-fueled muscle. Sure, I could have put up quite a fight but frankly speaking, when he'd broken down the cabin door with his bare hands, I knew I didn't stand a chance. One quick thump from those fists would have knocked me over.

The fact that I'd managed to knee him in the groin was luck all by itself. Just hope those big balls weren't too impaired. That would totally spoil my midnight dream tryst.

Much too late, I put on my Boy Scout, choir-boy look and pleaded for some shred of sympathy from the big bad SEAL. "I promise I won't run away again."

The disbelieving snort he gave in response didn't bode well for me. "Not good enough, doc. The last time we did this you gave me the same promise. Sorry if I don't hold you to that."

"I had no choice," I said quietly. Although I knew it was of no use I continued struggling under him. Although I knew it wouldn't make much of a difference since I was all tied and trussed up. Damn the man knew his knots.

"Stop." Cursing softly, he bore down hard against me and trapped my legs under his heavy thighs. Crushing me with his weight his dark, handsome face came right next to mine and he glared at me, barely inches away. "We're not going through that argument again. How many times do I have to -"

Putting up a struggle was obviously not one of my best ideas. His very proximity had my breath catching in my throat - and my dick which remained ever hard in his presence started weeping precome. Damn. Just a quick accidental turn and I'd be able to brush my lips against his. Press hard against those amazingly firm yet soft-looking lips, run my tongue past the gentle curve of his lips up to the dent made by the deep dimples that bracketed his smile. Then down that heroic jaw to rub against his bristly stubble. The man continued complaining about my inequities while I ran my gaze down his powerful neck and wondered what he'd do if I bit him right under his collarbone. If only he'd just stop talking long enough for me to stick my tongue down his throat.

"Damn it." Those dark eyes flashed. "Are you listening at all?"

His voice stunned me and I managed to croak out a reply. "They were going to kill her. I couldn't possibly -"

His strong hands crushed mine in a sudden rage. "You ran through enemy fire into a bloody fucking camp to save a three year old girl. And nearly got our asses fried in the process."

As he turned to take another deep, fortifying breath, his stubble brushed against my freshly-shaven cheek and I felt a quick tingle. His warm breath burned against the tip of my ear and he surprised me again. Who'd have ever guessed. Mr Macho Marine and sweet, fresh minty breath. Made me wanna swallow him whole. "You didn't have to come after me. I told you guys to leave."

"Sorry but I didn't get that particular memo, doctor," he answered dryly, gritting his teeth all the while. Would you know it, the man had perfect teeth. Did they manufacture him in some dream god-hunk Marine camp? If they did, could they pretty please send me one?

Sure, that attitude of his stank to high heaven but damn it, I'd still let him fuck me. It was amazing how a year in the wilds of Afghanistan without any sex could turn me into some stark-raving sex maniac. But then again, I'm sure Michael Muldoon could make a straight-laced missionary nun renounce her vows just with one look from those smouldering yum yum bedroom eyes. Marine Ken with sex appeal. "No one asked you to come over here to get me."

"I'm sorry but you're wrong there. The President himself ordered your recovery and I'll be damned if I'll let you botch this chicken-shit op up."

"I was perfectly fine here. Uncle George didn't have to-"

"The fact that you call the most powerful man in the world your uncle answers everything." For the second time he bared his teeth again. I could have sworn that he rained spit on my face as he answered. "You were not fine. You're an American citizen in enemy territory. An idiot, brainless do-gooder who decides to drop by fucking Afghanistan to be a humanitarian!"

The quick barrage of fury left me non-plussed and before I could piece together a decent rejoinder, he'd flipped me over his shoulder in a quick, practised move. Like I hardly weighed anything more than a feather. While I'd always hated macho he-man posturings from my ex-boyfriends, I had to admit that this time it gave me a weird, forbidden thrill. Like the first time I'd used a whip and chains on a man. Though I made sure I hadn't left a mark, it had been secretly thrilling to wield that much power over someone. Biting my lip, I wondered briefly whether I had some closet Marquis de Sade tendencies. My brain was already weaving various X-rated fantasies where my Marine Ken was trapped naked and helpless under my power.

Silently, he picked up my things with his other hand and slipped out into the night. As we moved away from the make-shift cabin, I looked back up and ventured a question - my voice reduced to a mean whisper. "Hey, where are you taking me?"

My question didn't stop him as he continued. "Someplace safe."

"Untie me and I'll walk." Although I had to admit, the view from up here was spectacular. His broad, powerful back forming a perfect V with his spine forming a deep valley through the center. And that butt. That perfect, award-winning Muldoon butt looked even better up close and I had to swallow an urge to bite. Hard. Twin, spectacularly sculpted globes of tight, firm male ass with deep dents at the side, just about the size of a man's hands - the perfect size for me to hold on to as he fucked me till my head caved in.


Although I could have followed that amazing butt anywhere, that didn't mean he had to know that. "It would be -"


"Muldoon." Although the idea of him carrying me sounded like heaven especially since my feet were killing me, I knew it was impractical. Though I was smaller in build, I certainly was no light weight. And with my cock hard as a steel rod in my pants, it wouldn't be long before he felt something. "Don't be ridiculous. I must weigh a ton. We'll move faster if you -"

The quick smack on my butt silenced me.

The shock in my voice was evident - as was the sudden burst of feeling that shot straight into my cock. "D-did you just spank me?"

"Why?" Turning to me, his grin flashed white in the dark. "Did you enjoy that, honey?"

The very fact that I most certainly did enjoy that certainly didn't give him the rights to do so. Though if he'd just tear off those cammies and give me a quickie, I'd certainly let him do whatever he liked. Right here. Right now. "Untie me and I'll show you how much I like it."

In answer to my dry reply, his deep chuckle reverberated through his body. "Baby, perhaps later. We don't have time for kinky stuff right now."

"Fuck you."

"You'd like that, wouldn't you?" he said quietly.

For a moment the world shifted and I stilled. "What the hell do you mean by that?"

Shifting to adjust my weight, he grunted. "You know what I mean."

And I knew that I did too. Since the day he'd burst into the infirmary tent with his blatant, earthy curses and guns ablazing, he'd had me all hot and restless for a taste of that hard, sculptured grunt bod. Hardly an hour went by that I didn't think of crawling up to the man and feeling up what lay between his powerful thighs. From what I'd managed to scope out, it seemed as if the good Lieutenant had quite an arsenal packed into his cammies. Though I certainly wasn't a size queen, I couldn't help but wonder what a man could do with artillery that size. Yum.

What did this macho marine think about that. As optimistic as I am , I doubt he'd be amused that I wanted to lick him slowly from head to toe. And back again. Sure, being proud and militantly gay was great in any other context but being tied up, helpless and in his care, I didn't care to be beaten up by a musclebound homophobic punk in the middle of nowhere. Suddenly the idea that the man carrying me was more than 6 feet of pure beef and muscle chilled me more than a little. Was he going to stake me out in the middle of the desert?

It took a good five minutes or so before I managed the next two words. "You know."

"About you being a card-carrying faggot?" he replied.


"Yeah," he grunted in reply.

That gave me a moment's pause as I digested the idea. Marine Ken knew I was gay. Knew all along probably since I hadn't said anything. Did he know that my dick was hard right now too? Although it was almost pitch dark, I could see the outlines of a dark shack hidden in the deep caverns. If he wasn't heading that way, I certainly wouldn't have seen it at all.

My silence had him continuing. "The whole Team Sixteen knows. It's not exactly a state secret."

"No." It certainly wasn't a state secret. Anyone who cared to look up my resume would find that I sat on the helm of several gay and lesbian organisations.

That left me something to think about and I remained silent for the rest of the journey. That night in the Kandahar camp, we'd all slept together, huddled together in the bitter cold of the night. And all the time, they all knew that the doctor was a practising homosexual. All that time when I thought I was perfectly safe with my lewd, X-rated fantasies of a no-holds-barred SEAL orgy, they were probably keeping their eyes peeled for one of my roving hands. After all, 8 gorgeous, incredibly well-built guys trapped in one warm, cosy shelter in the dark under the light of a candle. It was practically a sleazy gay porn film come to life. Of course in my fantasies that night Muldoon was the main star, the super flexible, randy stud with the 10 inch dick who took on all comers but the rest of the guys certainly hadn't been slouches. The hunky, broad-shouldered blond Loot was equally agile and had performed quite admirably that night too. Not to mention the dark-eyed Captain.

Did they spend the whole night worrying that I'd play grab-a-dick? The idea had me smiling as I pictured those hard-bitten, cynical grunts piss-assed scared that I'd pinch their cute asses. It took several minutes for the idea to sink in before I could speak again.

"That night.. you all knew..."

My answer was a grunt as he brushed aside some brush and stones to reveal a door. He stepped close to the dark shack and shoved open the door. "Mi casa es su casa."

Carrying me inside, he left me in a heap at a corner. The shack certainly wasn't the Ritz but I saw the makings of a fire close by with several bags in a corner which I guessed to be provisions. Unsatisfied with his earlier answer, I pressed again. "You knew?"

"Yeah." Seems like the man read my mind again. He flashed me a quick grin. And I had to admit that the man was a real looker. Apart from that incredible physique that was out of one of my anatomy textbooks - not to mention rivalling some of the hottest Playgirl centerfolds, the man had an amazing face. Deep-set bedroom eyes the colour of a tropical sky, a perfect unbroken nose and amazingly soft-looking, sensuous lips. So far he kept those sexy lips in a tight, angry sneer but no one could deny that those lush curves were meant to be smothered with kisses. Perhaps he knew that and tried to hide the sweet promise of those lips from me.

My close perusal hadn't escaped his notice and he raised a dark eyebrow. "Like what you see?"

The question was made with no rancor in his voice but I still found it a little hard to believe. For a moment I almost decided not to answer but I simply had to know. "Is this a trick question?" I turned to look at him to find him poking at the small fire he'd made at the corner of the shack. Marine Ken certainly looked as if he knew what he was doing.

As the flames grew, the light fell across those male underwear model cheekbones, making him look somehow younger and more vulnerable looking, those thickly lashed eyes gentler. Alarmingly deceptive. "Relax. We don't do fagbashing nowadays, Doc - not on rainy Mondays anyway. Perhaps tomorrow night." His smile widened. "If it's not raining."

The amusement in his voice surprised me but one could never be too sure. "Kid all you like but I thought that -"

Glancing around in response to my question, the man didn't pause a beat but continued looking into his bag to rustle around. "That we'd go crazy and stomp on your ass the first chance we could possibly get?"

The way he put it made it sound silly and I looked sheepish. "Yeah, something like that?"

Removing a few bags of ingredients, he moved over to the fire and pulled out a small pan. As he mixed in the various spices, he briefly turned to me and gave me a sly wink. "Look, I'm not speaking for everyone in the team but for me it's no matter to me how a guy gets his rocks off. Seems like that should be his own damned business and no one else's. Whether you get hot over a dick or a cunt, it's a personal choice." Breaking off to fan the small fire, he shrugged in dismissal. "Though why you'd prefer a stinky guy when you could have a soft, sweet-smelling female is beyond me."

"We're weird that way." For a man I'd labeled a rednecked homophobe cowboy, I was amazed at this surprising turn of events. What next, supporting women's lib and burning bras? Would he tell me next that he wore a tight sexy marine uniform and stripped to a G-string at the local bar every other weekend? That last idea definitely held some appeal - as I imagined those hard, glistening muscles and a G-string with the stars and stripes emlazoned across - and I felt myself getting hard again. The man would earn a fortune if he did just that. Even now, I was tempted to throw a few bucks his way just for looking so good in dust-grime-matted cammies. God, why did I keep falling for unavailable guys like that? Did the gay fairy have a personal vendetta against me?

The amazement in my face was obvious and it compelled him to reply. "Don't look so surprised, Cam. We don't even own slaves on the fields, no more."

"Ha ha."

"Anyway, more gay men would mean less competition for the rest of us fellas." The idea had the marine laughing softly. "So go ahead and fuck each other."

The weather had gotten chilly and I was glad for the warmth the small fire provided. "Progressive ideas. You amaze me. Next thing you'll tell me you read Keats too."

"Four Seasons fill the measure of the year; There are four seasons in the mind of man:
He has his lusty Spring, when fancy -"

The quote stunned me again and I stared. Muscleboy quoting Keats. It was such a mind-boggling idea that it bore some looking into. The man certainly couldn't be reading English Lit 101 while going 'duh' in the football field, could he?

Mixing rice and bits of unknown powdered stuff into a bowl, the good Lieutenant prepared dinner for the both of us. Unlike most of my gay friends who could whip out gourmet meals, I had difficulty finding a dinner fork much less cook. The gay gene must have mutated somewhat when it reached me. From the looks of things though, it looked as if our SEAL boy was adept at everything. Could he adapt to the hundred million variations of the Gay Karma Sutra as well? That tight, agile body sure looked as if it would be very flexible.

"Yeah, us cowboys do read once in a while. Big letters, pretty pictures in them books." Ambling over playfully to my corner, he carefully released my knots.

"Asshole," I mumbled out as I gingerly rubbed my slightly chafed wrists.

Putting the pan over the fire and watching closely, Michael paused to send me a teasing look. "That's what I got - a real nice one too - but wishin' ain't gettin'."

The very fact that he'd made a joke about it surprised me and it made me laugh. "Get over yourself, Muldoon."

"You're saying you don't want to get it on with this?" Flashing me a 1000-watt smile that melted my knees, he playfully flexed his biceps not knowing that I'd have dragged him down for a nasty, dirty shag in a New York minute starting with a quick nibble on those perky tits, dark, mocca coloured penny sized nipples crowning the crest of his hard pecs. Or perhaps he knew? Did the man like to play with fire? Just give me a few more minutes and I'd be risking a fistful of Muldoon by leaping on the man trying to tear down those tight-fitting cammies with my teeth.

But I've always been an ornery guy. "In your dreams."

"That's me. Hot muscle and sex in one dreamy package." The amused glint in his eye assured me that he was pulling my leg again.

"Stop that," I ordered. "Where did you get your degree?"

It was an easy question and I knew it would draw out an almost automatic response. "Har-" He paused and stared into the fire. "Damn."


There was surprise in those big baby blues but he managed to cover it up nicely and continued coolly. "Nah, what made you think I got anywhere close to college anyhow?"

Crawling over to the fire, I arranged myself in a cross-legged position opposite him and gave him my best glare. "You don't fool me this time, cowboy. You went to Harvard?"

Seeing that he couldn't fool me any longer with his innocent 'aw-shucks' cover, he grinned. "Yeah, they had a fund for dumb ole cowboys. Got me a bunch of cool degrees, neatly printed on paper and everything."

The dry way he replied had me remembering our argument this morning. My earlier scathing comments about his mental faculties and the obvious signs of inbreeding in his bovine/simian ancestry had obviously stung his thick hide more than I had thought. "You're still burning about my dumb country hick comment this morning."

His answer was simple. "Yes."

"I'm sorry. I certainly didn't mean it."

Using a small spoon to toss the rice around in the pan, he just gave a shrug. "No prob. It's a common misconception."

It obviously disturbed my tough SEAl boy more than he cared to admit and I was actually pleased to note that the man wasn't just shiny muscle and macho idiocy. Sure pretty boys with nice bodies were great to look at but once the eye-candy novelty wore off, it got boring. "But they're all wrong, aren't they? You're definitely more than another pretty face."

"You think I've got a pretty face?"

Trust the man to hit on the one thing that would embarass me. That had certainly slipped out without thinking and I tried to hedge. Rolling my eyes in response, I sighed. "Does it matter?"

Sure, all my questions had him staring elsewhere while poking at his fire but start on his looks and all of a sudden I've got his whole attention. Moving away from the fire, he smiled at me, bending those mesmerizing blue eyes on me. "Sure it does. I need to bolster my confidence after you dealt that terrible blow to my IQ. And heck, I'm not pretty. Devastatingly handsome. Drop-dead gorgeous.. not pretty."

As he lay out some snacks on the floor, I grinned back. "Get over yourself. So Muldoon, what did you do in Harvard?"

"Apart from getting laid? Getting it on with hot snotty Boston chicks who wanted a real taste of Montana beef?" His voice carried a faint hint of a sneer that had my spine tingling. Did the man possibly know that this Boston dude wanted some beef too? And from the looks of things, Montana had produced some pretty superior A grade beef in this gorgeous fella.

Controlling my insane urge to bite his neck - where do I get this weird thoughts from - I looked down at the snacks and tried one. "Yes. What else did you do there? You couldn't be fucking off 24 hours a day."

"Got a degree in Electronics and Literature."

"Devastatingly handsome with brains. So why aren't you hitched up with some... god-danged filly and a herd of colts?"

He grinned in appreciation. "No one's managed to get their brand on me yet. And they're not likely too."

"Why not? Don't you want to bring up 21/2 kids in some suburban home with white picket fences?" Muldoon sure looked the type. Sure, he might have a body and face made for sin but he seemed to be a good olde country boy at heart. Or was that his ruse?

The look on his face was pure horror and I grinned. "Sorry, that doesn't appeal."

"How about a 200 hundred acre ranch with a variety of farm animals and assorted rambunctious kids?"

"That's a little more like it. But not right now. I've still got a ways to go before I think of settling down."

"You can drop the nasal twang."

His blue eyes twinkled with amusement. "But you love it so much, don'tcha honey?"


The man laughed and I shook my head. Damn him, I should have known. Mr Walking Orgasm couldn't have a laugh that would put me off him for the rest of my life, perhaps some whiny, hyena-like cackle. No, the man had a deep, resonant, even sexy laugh, the kind that sent a shiver up my spine in response.

Taking a look at me from under his heavy brows, he smiled slyly. "I think you've sworn more in these past few days than you've ever had in your entire life, haven't you?"

"You're a fucking bad influence," I said tartly.

He gave another one of his infectious laughs.

As we waited for dinner to come to a broil, we kept on trading barbs and exchanged stories. Who would have guessed that Mr Hunky Hicksville had travelled almost as many places around the world as I had. And beneath that country boy charm, he had a nasty lil sense of humour behind it. Perhaps at that moment, I should have wound up the conversation. If he became a tad more irresistible, I couldn't be responsible for my actions. Smart, funny, devastatingly gorgeous. Why was I being punished with this? Leaving the bowl on the floor, I took refuge at the farthest corner away from him. "So what are we gonna do here?"

"Wait around till morning." Peering out the small window that was left to us, he gazed silently into the dark. "We're relatively safe here till then."

Since he didn't mention what his next plans were, I safely concluded that his team must be close by. "Team Sixteen is still around. Still think you guys should have left me there. Now, don't go frothing at the mouth again, but I was pretty safe."

"I wasn't frothing."

"You were. Like a rabid dog." I couldn't resist pointing out gleefully.

"I won't argue that point since I was that mad." His blue eyes narrowed. "Sure, we would have loved to have dumped you there to roast but we couldn't very well leave the prominent physician in that shit hellhole. After all, he saved some SEALs in other tight situations before."

About five years ago, I'd been involved as a civilian member of a team in Bosnia. All I remembered were ashes, blood and vulnerable, lost children. I was surprised that he knew but then again, this man had managed to surprise me all day long. "I am afraid to ask how you know that."

A warm smile curled up his lips. "Ben Reilly. One of the men you saved was my buddy during Hell Week. That's one of the reasons why I haven't thumped you one yet."

The grumpy smile he sent me had me laughing. "Thanks."

"You're welcome. Enough about me." He took a moment to check through the food and stirred some extra spice in. Figures that he'd like it hot. "So what's an insanely wealthy doctor like Dr. Cameron Kincaid doing in these parts? Shouldn't you be out trolling for meat in WeHo instead? Dancing around clubs in Ibiza and such?"

Though he said the word wealth, I could sense that my wealth didn't impress him in the slightest. Which although admirable - was qute a pity since I would have given quite a bit for a piece of meat like him. "Looking for hot dick in all the wrong places?"

"In a manner of speaking."

Leaning back on the wall, I smiled reminiscently. "Would it surprise you that I did all that five years ago. One mad fling after the other with no thought to the consequences."

Munching some of the rice, he shrugged. "Nah, you're a pretty good-looking guy. And with your megabucks, I'm sure you're hot stuff. If you go for that kinda thing."

I laughed. "You can bet many guys go for me." It sounded terrible once I'd said it and I tried to retract the statement. "I mean, the guys.."

"I get the point." He put out his hand to stop me. "What made you change?"

It wasn't a story that did well for my reputation but I remembered that day as clearly as it had been yesterday. The dirty, stained sheets, the stranger snoring next to me. "Had a wake-up call one day when I woke up - and realized I had no idea where I was! Boozed up, high on god knows what and totally confused about who's bed I was in. I couldn't imagine how I'd gotten to such a stage. So that's me, wild, kinky partyboy extraodinaire. Not so great after all, huh."

"Actually, you impress me."

All the fawning compliments I'd received before didn't mean as much as these words. Which in turn gave me a surprise. "Me? You're not still mad at me for jeopardizing everyone."

He eyed me speculatively. "Don't remind me."

I smiled.

"I still think it's a fool idea to be tramping around in the middle of nowhere. Obviously God didn't give you much in the way of common sense but I gotta say... there are only a handful of men who would run through what you did last night without peeing in their pants. Even I'd be a lil freaked out inside. But you walked through the place as cool as cucumber like some guy taking a stroll down 5th Avenue." Finishing his sentence, he suddenly stretched, giving me an awesome display of incredible male physique. Biceps, triceps, pectorals, lats - all came into play as I watched in silent awe. If only Lieutenant Commander Michael Muldoon had dropped by medical school, I'd have paid much more attention at Human Anatomy.

As I tried to roll my tongue back between my teeth - and not where I wanted them to be which was between the deep valley of his pecs, I looked away. "Believe me. I was shaking with fright and praying hard that one of those bullets wouldn't blow my brains out."

Muldoon sent me a wink. "As I said, I am impressed."

"You'd have done it without breaking a sweat, I'm sure." The idea of sweat and Muldoon had an unusual heat building up in my pants. It was easy to imagine him working in the fields, wiping the sweat off his forehead, even as it dripped down his hard, rippling pecs. God, I'd have tumbled him in those fields for sure.

Turning to me, he gave me a wry smile. "Doc, I'm brave. Not stupid."

That made me laugh. And luckily drew me out of my lurid fantasies of licking Muldoon's incredible heaving six-pack as he moaned helplessly in some barn / hayloft of my imagination. In my mind, I had almost reached the dick of my dreams. Could it possibly be the horrific 10 inches that I'd imagined?

The dinner was sizzling already and the scent almost made my stomach growl. "In a minute or so, you'll taste Muldoon Du Jour and you'll go down on your knees." Giving me the plate, he looked up at me in anticipation, his blue eyes wide.

The idea of having a bite of Muldoon definitely made me wanna go down on my knees but I doubt that was what he meant. Taking the plate of rice he offered, I took a tentative bite and felt heaven. Oh My God, I must marry this man. He looked like a god and cooked like a dream. Could that factory he came from manufacture some gay Marine Ken version?

Slurping up the rest of the soup, I couldn't help but tease him a little. "By the way, you're still pretty."

With a glint in his eye, he snarled at me. "Take it back, Doc."

"Pretty boy. Shiny muscles. Toothy smile. Could probably audition for a boy band. Or an A & F commercial."

The growl was warning enough.

His reflexes were amazing and in a second he had me on the floor, those powerful arms pinning me to the floor, those hard pecs rippling above me. My tongue was a moment away from taking a quick slurp.

"Surrender, lil man," he grinned.

Surprisingly, not all his dreamy looks nor his sexy butt got me going all the way but one look at that mischievious, almost boyish grin, the irresistible twinkle in his eyes had me revving up my engine without thinking of the consequences. Before I could have stopped myself, I raised my head and kissed him hard on the lips.

It was quick peck on the lips although I sure as hell wanted more. But I knew I couldn't. The man hadn't even shown the smallest interest. Even as I pulled away, I could feel his muscles tense and his hands moved away from me. His hands curled into fists and I wondered how much a plastic surgeon could cost.

For the moment however, we both remained silent. In the desert, silence was just that. I could practically hear the sound of his breathing, deep, slow and laboured. His eyes were closed and his handsome face was expressionless leaving me in doubt whether he was going to tear my head off - or even more terrifying, he'd fulfil all my X-rated orgasmic dreams. Heaving a deep sigh, he rested his forehead against mine and looked at me. The expression in those deep blue eyes were unfathomable but I knew that I could drown in them. Satisfied that he had my attention, he spoke softly. "You want me, don't you?"

The evidence was pulsing hard against his own thigh which would leave any of my arguments pointless. Even so, being pinned to the ground by 200 pounds of sex, muscle and man was more than I could bear. Trying to sit up, I signaled for him to move away. "Mike.."

"No." The man shook his head stubbornly. "Don't lie to me. I've seen you checking me out. You've been hot for me since Kandahar."

How could I possibly lie when I was hard as hell for him? Just move one inch closer and I'd gobble the man up. Bite on that sexy lower lip.

"Yeah, looking at me like I'm some hot piece of Marine beef. Wanting to eat me up with those eyes."

His voice held a hint of a sneer that had my heart coming to a standstill. Was this the thumping that I'd anticipated earlier? Perhaps this insane scheme was some kinda homophobic SEAL torture - dangle the gorgeous hunk bait in front of the gay man and then break his kneecaps if he did anything.

"Are you going to beat me up now?"

"Shit." The look on my face was telling and the man had the gall to laugh. "Doc, I am not gonna hit you."

"Then what is this?"

"I don't know. I've never felt like this but I... "

Swooping down on me, he captured my lips in a hard, blistering kiss. His lips felt fucking amazing. Struggling for a moment, I shifted my head and mouthed out loud, "What the hell are you doing?"

He grinned. "Don't ask. I sure as hell won't tell."


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  3. Always loved this story, but where's the rest of it?? :)

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